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Mid August

Monday 16 August, 2010 | 01:38 pm

What a blur.

Just, finally, got the imp back on educational and personal track, had a difficult time enduring the environment here (preventable problems again, this time the refrigerator on top of the usual), but made progress on my research and alterations to the clothes recently purchased, repair to old favorites. Altogether too much time, perhaps, spent in near focus!

And quality time for the first time this summer with more friends.

Satisfactorilarily closed the most urgent of the Florida invitations to share a home and made definite arrangements for the one in Colorado. Not my favorite climate, and so hate the long trip heavily laden (this time taking only a carful of stuff to live with, packing today), but the people and unique opportunities will compensate for the long road...

And the spouse and I are still on good terms- not much has changed; we seem to be very rare in remaining civil. By now it likely never will devolve into the incivility one usually sees; our accountant even is surprised to feel, as we are willing to cooperate, he can work with both of us for this year, apparently very rare-

But then, when one lives in harmony with others it is possible to respectfully disagree, to remain friends, to cooperate yet live apart, to let each other live life, independently and freely without unnecessary pain and rancor.

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Quick change

Tuesday 11 August, 2009 | 11:05 am

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."
— Gandhi

Really very busy, but plan a catchup post soon... For now, I'm back from California 2 1/2 weeks early. One purpose for being there was to visit seriously ill relatives. Planned on 3; there were 5 during the trip. Much planned remains undone there...

And upon returning, the first public thing I did (took a yoga class from my teacher)immediately changed my time and focus.

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A week fulfilling dreams

Sunday 28 September, 2008 | 10:05 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful

Orbital weaver
A few weeks ago my spouse and I went into the country for the last day of a farmer’s roadside stand for fresh produce.  We made our purchases and returned to the car.  As I put my hand automatically on the door handle, I paused.  There was a small patch of something that did not belong there.  Felt an odd texture, explored it for a few moments- like curled rose thorns welded to a horny shell.  Curious, unable to imagine what it was, I dropped to my knees and looked up into the recessed handle; there, tucked in upon itself, was a huge country spider, the sort that spins nightly webs which span several stories, from tree to tree.

So glad I was not moving on autopilot and was able to stop in time!

Drive with care; monarch migration is in full swing!

Over the last 3 weeks is seems necessary to drive to avoid them.  The roads apparently make good lanes for them on their long journey... when there are no vehicles!

Saturday 20 September, 2008

Fulfilled a dream yesterday… took a parkour class, and enjoyed it (much more than a person ill, doing as little, physically, as possible for months should expect)!  Not sure if my skills are not what I remember due to aging, disuse, fatigue, fever, or the equipment (using foam-covered blocks instead of fences, handrails, concrete and rocks: mountain cliffs formed of cool magma and limestone- yet I was grateful for the springy floor landing after leaps and round-offs), but better than I feared after all this time, despite being unable to use one shoulder for certain movements.  I was amazed at how little ab tone the others had; all boys, 10-teens.  The instructors in large part made me feel welcome, two very much so (and the teens politely did not say anything when the first thing I learned is my deo is inadequate for the cardio exercise-), it has been years since I’ve had as much cardio, but I felt great after class, better than in months in fact, except for a sore knee from taking the foam “walls” incorrectly).

Was able to arrange a decent connection that evening for a friend’s husband, jobwise, after a corporate layoff; I’d really like them to stay here as long as they originally intended, especially now the children are used to the language and culture, and beginning to enjoy being here!  It would be nice to talk more with her…

Monday 22 September

A lovely morning with the yoga teacher trainee I am mentoring for an employer, teaching adjusting students in class for this session.  She is cheerful and quick, a pleasure to mentor.

Tuesday 23 September

Lunch today with a yogini who credits yoga with beating the doctors’ survival date.  She is a fantastic person but I was not much of a lunch companion; I’d just received shocking news and could hardly be present, need to apologize but could not explain without ruining the spirit of my companion’s celebration.

My child is asking questions about novas, black holes, and sunshine.  It has been decades since I was up to date on the fun stuff (school curriculums tends to be a good 30 years behind, so the only way to be current in most science subjects aside of pure math is to look at current research and consensus in the most respected publications).  Everything else makes sense in light (pun intended) of past studies, but I cannot reason why the swiftest a light-emitting object can vary its brightness is the time it would take light to travel across the object- perhaps the light reaching an observer would have to follow that rule?  Hm; no equations accompanied the statement- perhaps the statement is miswritten?  …very annoying, as I’d like to understand it when I speak with my son.  Usually I say “let’s look it up” but he is not yet up to speed on the math; in fact I hope this will inspire him to move beyond the functional daily math he has embraced on his own so far.

 I’m appallingly rusty- as are my foreign languages, my contacts with people I enjoy elsewhere… when did I become such an insular pragmatist?!  How boring!

On the other hand this morning realized a series of dreams I realized are connected; all it took was one word from another person in the dream.  I’d wondered, as the dreams are very vivid.  This will be fun…

Wednesday 24 September

First day of classes with fellow homeschoolers!  My  child was delighted, but I spent the entire day in trajectory from one urgent errand to another.  Somehow accomplished everything major!  Only two details that have waited for months, can wait until next week.

Thursday 25 September

A therapeutic yoga class today, an instructor I’d never met.  I’ll be back!

Today I was so exhausted I nearly didn’t go to tai chi… where the instructor gave me a hard time (not the usual, challenging to a greater skill, way). Last session I took nearly every class on his schedule, this time barely can attend one hour a week. He was forewarned.  Leaping to conclusions, acting on mistaken conclusions despite hints to the contrary, without asking confirming questions... Eventually he’ll put the pieces together; curious what his reaction will be.

Friday 26 September

This week proved my baby is no longer a child; I noticed the very first physical change a few days ago… yet I’m still wistful for the times he snuggled so in my arms.

So fatigued lately I’ve barely got even a token dinner on the table the evenings I work.  Today at home during the afternoon so I prepped everything; Jamaican jerk chicken marinating and beans soaking since last night, now rice soaking and a vegetable run-down simmering with woody spices (cinnamon, allspice, turmeric, etc.) a green salad waiting.  If I have energy at dinnertime I can add a savory tidbit appetizer or salad.  Hm, sounds suspiciously like traditional food in most cultures!  Is this is how women developed them?!

So much has been happening to share with few, none are available.  My aunt is at the beach for the month, college friend being run ragged by grandchildren, my dear friend so overextended herself there is no way I will add additional stress -to any of them.  Just realized all four of us run on nerve!  In fact, my df and I are maxed out at the same time.  Surely things will slow down?  But an adult friend years ago let me read her ancestor’s journal (as she traveled in a covered wagon and settled into frontier life); in it the ancestor remarked on how frenetically busy modern life (early 1800’s) was compared to that of earlier generations; what would it come to?!

Sunday 28 September 2008

Yesterday, after teaching a yoga to lovely faithful students, went for the first time to the big community college (where my husband’s cousin was interviewed recently for a dean- ), the facilities are modern and beautiful.  I have wanted to attend the Japanese Festival here for many years.  As with other things this year since my retreat, I simply did it, my family was simply not interested.

  So... At long last!  11 hours of delight.  What a wonderful day!  The highlights were seeing the last US performance of Kaishi Katsura’s English raguko performance, working on a bamboo fence Japanese style (much better than the one for my Jamaican garden, I still have a scar from that escapade… the goats loved my basil as much as I did), a(n all-too brief) lecture on the Japanese culture re the concept of wrapping, a kimono workshop, my first professionally-cooked okonomiyaki (with the lovely sauces –expertly garnished), and the positive attitudes of leaders of the workshops and attendees alike.

 Kaishi Katsura’s performance was a treasure.  I sat so close I could see every subtle shade of expression, and was amazed by the depth of his skill.  At one point he is pretending to eat very hot noodles, and his body language genuinely seemed to express not just the pain of hot pasta, but the visceral pain of extremely shocking heat; breathtakingly acted.  In another scene he is pretending to be a bold rickshaw driver and his client (having the worst day of his life).  Several times as he shifted characters in a millisecond- such an abrupt and complete a transformation it was as if cameras had switched feed, I blinked, astounded; it happened as flawlessly yet again; I’m in awe…  The one political joke had me crying with laughter.  His delivery is superb.  Despite the language and cultural differences his skill is evident.  (So many very good English comedians flop horribly here; humor is more culture-dependent than most realize.  So unlike music.) And despite this being the last of a grueling 6-month tour, there was no place in the performance where one could say it felt canned.  Just a little like tempeh…!

I fulfilled two long-held dreams yesterday: to play a taiko drum (longer than I’d thought possible, as part of a workshop: enjoyed learning a range of techniques for that particular drum/style; astonished to realize I knew the leader from Denver, when we were children), and have a beautiful kimono.
So surprised to find one I loved, and looks nice on me, that I could afford!  (The director of the association kindly let me take it home and mail a check later.)  It is vintage- handmade, silk, a deep purple lined with vermillion, subtly embellished with flowery damask and shot through with a few silver and gold threads.

Another surprise was how little Japanese was spoken.  Moreover, almost every word that was I understood, being mostly daily greeting sort of phrases (probably all I remember after all this time away from my friend/professor, my Japanese teacher).  Although it has been years since exchanging those greetings on a daily basis (with my housemate in a boarding house in a third country- we exchanged language lessons during the months we resided together), good to know the daily courtesies is one thing that is slow to fade (if only recalling how to write hiragana and katakana were so easy)!
One day I hope to go to Japan and see how long it takes to get up to speed linguistically, but currently non-visa stays are only 90 days; I need to accept a job there…

My spouse and child spent the day in the big local parade, and had pizza after with their group, a golf club for children, so they too were gone all day, having their own version of new experiences.

Arrived home after 10:30 pm so was delighted to find my spouse had made a wonderful salad for dinner. ..!

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For all my sisters, whatever time, place, or degree

Tuesday 29 July, 2008 | 03:08 am

A rare poem and plea for inclusion.

http://ncronline3.org/drupal/   click on: Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of Women Who Run With the Wolves)
http://www.ncrcafe.org/node/1994  Novena natus: Nine hymns for the souls of women

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Up for air, briefly...

Sunday 20 April, 2008 | 11:30 pm
mood: amusedamused

 20 April 2008

It is already a month later.

I've been busy rearranging my life to accommodate my new teaching schedule, imminent, having accepted teaching three classes a week at a lovely studio.

Learning slowly the tai chi form from a through instructor, beginning regular practice with another yogini living nearby, my child and I happily busy with the trips and events shared with nearby homeschool friends and friends on other loops.  Keeping in surprisingly good contact with my dear friend despite everything, and over the last week able to actually begin showing up to usual events again as if life might be returning to normal, or something similar.  What a concept!

 Spent the intervening month (where has time gone?!) beginning the changes planned for bringing life in line with my needs, keeping reverberations from my retreat (nice to discover when I’m by myself I’m still myself… great discovery, after so many years tending to the needs of others), and still enjoying my yoga students, incredible people, and teaching these marvelous, aware, insightful, intelligent people continues to be a deep joy and satisfaction.  If only everyone could love their jobs as much as I love mine!

Finally got to tour the orchid cave with the rest of the orchid society- intended to for the last dozen years, just did it today, child photographer in tow, opting for this rather than the car show with his dad.  The grower’s publicist requested several of his photos for their website.  He is so happy.

Days are just too short to comfortably hold all the good things that come into them…

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Catching up with oneself

Wednesday 19 March, 2008 | 01:46 pm

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Life has been too much filled with action since mid-Feb for posting…

Too many details.  Mostly paperwork (business cards, adding new studios to my teaching schedule, waiting for upgraded credentials to appear online, arranging a long-overdue retreat and childcare for that and my vacation following), along with regular life.

The outline: 
I finally took my retreat, in-town, for a week at an ashram.  I taught almost all my classes as there was no time to find subs, but otherwise relished the ability to finish thoughts uninterrupted by people, events, etc., and a style of yoga I’d not taken before, and tried things I’d wanted to do for over a decade.

 The following week I visited a friend for a week, and just returned yesterday.

So now everything remaining undone before must be completed, the things which were not done those weeks, and the things which must be done now… plus the new changes I wish to bring into my life to implement.  Life suddenly looks very busy… I hope to be able to come up for air in a month!

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(no subject)

Sunday 10 February, 2008 | 01:22 pm

Sunday 27 January 2008

Spent the entire day on the phone…

Monday 28

Discovered my movement memory is good enough to not be an issue despite having missed 3 tai chi classes in a row.

Tuesday 29

After teaching, braved the height of a small but blizzardy storm to deliver paperwork.

On the weekend my dear friend flew in, so picked her up at the airport after my morning class, then spent the intervening several days helping her move.

The evening after she arrived my child seemed a bit quiet during early evening.  Mid-evening I looked across the room and saw his ears were a bright red with sudden fever…  Spent the rest of the night up with him, getting liquids into him and trying to ease his discomforts, reassure him.  By early next morning the fever broke without the appearance of any other symptoms.

I had an hour and a half of sleep before getting up to take my friend and her partner to rent their reserved moving van; I felt surprisingly well enough despite having been up most of Friday night also, trying to complete a letter for my friend when she arrived...  But our new car continues to have tire issues, and I was again on the ‘donut’, spare tyre.  Although the day broke fair a wintery mix began during checkout, an impediment as they drove the van to the house and I was on the highway regulated by the donut to under 50 mph, less of an issue with others slowed by the wintery precipitation but a challenge with the very different-characteristics of the odd tyre in the driving mix.  Spent the rest of that day packing, the following day helping them run errands to close out their affairs here, the child tired from after-effects of fever but otherwise well and delighted to be with his friends.

Although moving is a least favorite activity, it’s one I’ve had much experience in…and experience makes it easier as well to make it appear to say last farewells with some semblance of composure… but each time it is harder, not easier, to see someone one loves go.  Each time life is shorter and connections dearer…

Friday 9 February 2008

Took snacks for the (unexpectedly few) kids at the science club, lunch at the Noodle Shop where my imp did his “job” offered at our first visit by the chef, then shopped for clothes in my favorite clothes shop in Brookside… love the lines they carry, the salespeople greet me by name, invariably assure me they are pleased with my child’s conduct while I try on clothes.  I always find something… After running the usual Friday errands, went as a family to test drive the Eee; think I’ll get one, if I can find a black one; the white won’t look respectable for long in my life!  Finally something that does what I want (fast startup, full albeit small keyboard and all the basics- I used to use the software on it, no problem- shockproof and neither too small for sustained use nor too large to be truly portable).  And enough memory can be installed to keep me happy for a long time!

Saturday 10 February 2008

Productive day: after teaching my class where there was so much going on- my students are amazing, and share their lives with me in a way that makes my heart- took tai chi, and finally was able to do shoulder exercises after, uninterrupted (unlike at home…)!
 In the morning before class, I made insoles to complete a pair of shoes for tai chi, repaired my winter coat, and sewed a special button on a pair of pants I bought yesterday; a perfect fit.  I do not like metal on my jeans, and this is one of my favorite (and made in USA) garment companies, so I am thoroughly pleased.

My dear friend -who has such good taste- left her winter velvet here when she moved permanently to warmer climes, saying she thought it would do well on me… as usual in this regard she is right.  (In contrast, I have to try on 20-30 garments to find one or two that please me, style/cut/fit/color- although I know immediately if I like the fabric at lightest touch.)
 As usual ran into a yoga student while shopping… seems there is hardly anywhere I can go without doing this, so it is scary that today my mate sent me to a corporate store I never voluntarily set foot in.  Saw no familiar faces today… but so many people smiled at me, a light but genuine smile –I was not smiling- I wonder what they saw; people who were simply wandering about, who had had a stressful day, who were in a hurry but for some reason saw something in me to cause them to pause and smile into my eyes… At the time I was in deep thought,  so it was doubly surprising to see so many willing to greet me.

My aunt has joined the red hatters; she found a purple dress at last.  Life is good.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”   -Will Rogers

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End of the year again

Monday 31 December, 2007 | 01:50 pm
mood: anxiousanxious

 Christmas Day 2007

Update: A Californian aunt has become suddenly very ill, and if there is any way I can help I will be going there…  Those of you there, I will let you know when I come.

"The giving of love is an education in itself."  Eleanor Roosevelt: 
(courtesy of

rougewench) via http://www.freewillastrology.com/horoscopes/cancer.html


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A wonderful time of year

Monday 24 December, 2007 | 11:03 pm
mood: enthralledenthralled

 Sunday 23 Dec 2007

Monday Christmas Eve

So nice to have such good company.

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For enigmania!

Wednesday 19 December, 2007 | 03:25 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic

 In thanks for your ariel link some months back.  (What a flight!)  Enjoy!



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